Pilates classes, mat and machines

In addition to individual physiotherapy, I give:

• Pilates classes, mat and machines.• Stretching classes.• Breathing coordination classes.


Pilates method is set of principals designed to help to improve the quality of movement and posture. Regular practice of Pilates will enhance ones performance in sports and help in prevention of injuries. 

  1. It strengthens the core areas
  2. Lengthens the spine
  3. Builds up the muscle tone
  4. Increases the body awareness and flexibility
  5. Invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.

There is more to stretching than grabbing your ankle and bending your spine as far as it goes. If done properly, a stretching routine can help you to recover from injuries and intense workouts and more importantly prevent from injuries.

Breath is life. We can live for days without food and water but deprive us of breath and we die in minutes. Most People have forgotten how to breath properly. With few tips of breathing, you learn to calm and revitalize your body and deepen and maximize your breath.


Private Pilates

You can contact me if you want to have Intensive Pilates Courses or Pilates classes on weekly basis. Pilates machine work I can arrange to teach you in several Pilates Studios, if wanted.

Future Courses

Pilates Flow and Deep Stretching and MindBody Intensive courses in Arbis, Sturenkatu 2, Helsinki, Finland in the summer 2020. More details closer the time.