Sari Dewald

Physiotherapist in Marbella
Sari Dewald Body-dynamics - Physiotherapy - Marbella

Sari Dewald

My name is Sari Dewald and I am a Finnish chartered physiotherapist, registered with Finnish and European Health profession Council, Spanish national and local authorities.

I am specialized in neuro-musculo-skeletal disorders, body alignment and re-posturing which is the base of my work. My background is in professional dance and Pilates technique. You may see my physiotherapist and lecture CV for more details. (DOC or PDF)

I created Physiotherapy Body Dynamics in 2005 in Helsinki, Finland. I worked in many different instances as lecturer and had my own consultation in Medical Center Sofianova.

Now I am placed in Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain. I do home visits and have a physiotherapy consultation in:

In addition to individual physiotherapy, I give private Pilates classes, on the floor and on machines, stretching classes and breathing classes, personal training and massage.